Modsurfer provides ops & dev teams with the first system-of-record + diagnostics application to search, browse, validate, audit and investigate WebAssembly binaries.

What's in your .wasm?

Purpose-built for technical teams working with WebAssembly:

  • at-a-glance insights into WebAssembly module data (code size & complexity, imports/exports & more)
  • search for details about modules (hash, ID, function names, strings, namespaces, errors & more)
  • off-the-shelf System of Record: easily audit and track all the WebAssembly code in your stack
  • debug & triage issues otherwise difficult to pinpoint in opaque WebAssembly format

Scan & validate binary modules with the CLI:

  • Write or generate a "checkfile" to track binary requirements.
  • If a module fails validation, a helpful report is created to get things back on track.
  • Validate your modules for import/export existence, function signature, security compliance, runtime complexity, & more.

The CLI puts all your Modsurfer data at your fingertips and is the easiest way to interact with Modsurfer Desktop or Enterprise server.

Download a release from GitHub!

Bring Modsurfer directly to your code on GitHub.

Use this GitHub Action
  • Integrating Modsurfer validation checks into your everyday workflow is as easy as can be. Using our GitHub Action in your repository helps you eliminate compatibility issues as early as possible.
  • Unlock a faster iteration loop, and know about problems before you deploy or run WebAssembly code.

This can be used by any GitHub project, no purchase necessary.



Modsurfer Desktop is free for developers working locally.


  • X-ray view inside WebAssembly binaries
  • Debug compatibility errors
  • Search module identifiers & strings
  • Protobuf-based HTTP API
  • Validation using checkfiles
  • Desktop app on Mac, Linux, & Windows


Ready to deploy Modsurfer to your production environment?

Let's talk

  • All Developer features, plus...
  • PostgreSQL database support
  • Shared team access via browser app
  • Cloud-native delpoyment
  • Self-managed with support & updates
  • White-glove setup assistance available